Wixard acquired donatory.com and donatory.org!

In previous post, we have mentioned that we acquired a single English word domain dot com. We did not want to post here before we do radio test. In domain industry, radio test is to test a domain is where we say the domain and if the listener can spell it correctly and of course the purpose is to make sure they can visit the website by typing it in their computer or cellphone.

What is the word? DONATORY


The domain is donatory dot com, and we also hand registered donatory dot org to redirect to dot com one. The reason we purchased dot org because donations may related to non-profit organization, so we secured this domain as well.

Yes, it is a word! Here some links from online dictionaries: 




All the links have play button on how to pronounce it. There are many versions on how to pronounce it. But it is up to user on how to pronounce. The other important thing is if they can figure it out what the meaning of the word. Base on that, we will try to build ideas and launch to production.


Today we did radio test for domain donatory.com. We played the word, and ask if people can spell it correctly. It passed! They could spell it correctly, and they could guess the meaning of the word. They said that the word is related to donations, donors, place to put donations. Awesome!

We always look for funding to start the ideas. Please send us messages if you are interested to fund this domain/ideas. 


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