2020: Happy New Year!

Our domain resolutions this year is more selling services! We will come to our clients, asking their business or activity ideas, discussing the name, and start development of the website. Yes, we are not just buying and selling domains. We develop the ideas and give our clients the everything ready to start their venture. Contact us what help we can provide? 

Today I saw this car on the way to work. Their domain is hard to spell. I have better name CareLinas.com Oh wait, but I only have a name and not business yet. Anyone want to invest to create web app for it? #care #carolinas #carelinas #domain #ideas #app #web #linas #LuciesHomeServices.


Today too, in my first time in the 20 years of buying domains, I hand registered a pure single word dot com domain. Hand registered means the domain was available on registrar, I saw it, and bought it. It's not an English word, but for sure it is worth of domain. What is the domain? Mmmm I will post it later. 


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