Indonesian premium domains for killer ideas

We have been investing in Indonesian names over years. These following names are ready to develop for your next ideas and business:


"Ojek" is a Javanese word. There is no official document on how to spell it. It can be ojek, ojeg, or ojeq. Ojek is a ride share service using motorcycle or even bicycle. It's common in Java and it has been there long way before Uber, Lift. GoJek is a new company powered by Internet and mobile phone, and it is simply ojek service using mobile app. Since then we have seen new ojek services coming to play. First it is only 4 letters, plain and simple. Second, it is a pronounceable word, and it is "Ojek". You can build Indonesian next Ojek Online under this name. Contact us if you are interested.


"Gawe" means work in Javanese. "O" either pronounce like "Yo" or just simple "O", so either "gaweyo" or "gawe-o" will work and easy to remember. It means "please work". It is a good brand for business who wants to create application for searching local works. Searching should be limited using geo location of the device and current providers around the device.  Contact us if you are interested this name.


"Cari" means search in Bahasa Indonesia. Some people may just pronounce it "carih", easy to remember and people will know what it is. In the US, is rising. Please read this article about This name can be Indonesian version of care dot com. Contact us if you are interested.


"Zaqad" is like zakat just different spelling and brandable. Idea behind this name is to build a website to help donors and people who need helps. It is like GoFundMe but can be build in different ideas. 


"DPOTO" is under development of Wixard and its partner, we can not say much on what ideas we will put inder this name. But soon we will launch it the public.


Domain name is the front line for marketing. If you choose wrong name, it may get harder to grow your business. Buying domain name is like buying property for your office, but it is online version. How much are you willing to spend money to buy an office for your business? Check the price on a website like, and now you think about it. Which one more expensive between 3x3m2 room that you have in the office and the name you chose? I bet the room will be far more expensive. Today in global economy and internet to connect us everywhere, domain name is important. These next following are generic names, and no specific ideas behind the name. You can use for anything.  

1. and

2. and


4. and








And many more. Please contact us if you are interested on those domains. Just FYI, sold for $20K on open sales in internet, and sold for $14K the next following weeks. Berkah and Ikhlas did not belong to us.