More websites coming!

At this point Wixard are able to add more website under new domains with simple and quick modification and we can start blogging under each domain to show how cool the ideas! that we bring to the Internet. We are able to add custom fields too!

Domain is up for sale

SADEWA.COM is up for sale. Send me message for more information.

Sadewa is Indonesian pronunciation/spelling of Sahadeva. Google indexed 1,990,000 pages on Sadewa keyword. 

From Wikipedia:

In the Hindu epic MahabharataSahadeva (Sanskrit: सहदेव) was the youngest of the five Pandava brothers. Nakula and Sahadev were twins born to Madri who had invoked the Ashwini Kumaras.Sahadeva had two wives Draupadi and Vijaya. Draupadi was common wife of Pandavas. Vijaya was beloved wife of Sahadeva.

Sadewa is also:

Sadewa is a village development committee in the Himalayas of Taplejung District in the Mechi Zone of north-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 1,048 people living in 211 individual households.[1] There were 515 males and 533 females at the time of census.


Wixard is unaway!

Welcoming one of vocabulary domain! Google has About 464,000 results for word unaway.

We will develop an idea behind this domain. Any suggestions? Camping website? Tent branding! AirBnB? Stay tune!




Final Logo!

Combining two ideas from logo one and logo two, here the final logo:

Wixard! Yes, where ideas start. We will post startup ideas in this website. Starting from the good name, proper domain, website and launch the idea!