Chess.Camp is our website!

We purchased recently. The goal is to make chess website for chess training. We will start with list of chess camps schedule around the world either offline chess camp or online chess camp. We will create online tool for masters and trainers to conduct their chess camp both online and online. Please welcome ... is now Chess.Stream. We are re-branding.

We had been thinking to re-brand 8 years old website to We claimed the domain last week. We are still redirecting the new name to old domain, but we will re-do the website to new design anyway. We will see if changing the name does not drop the Google rank. Hopefully not dropping, and can be better with short name. If Google indexes the gtlds as a keyword, it is better with short name. We will see.

I know some of dot com fanatics won't like gtlds, but for me is cooler :) and

These 2 domains are ready to develop for your website. Message us if you are interested to have and domains.


The idea of a professional-grade kitchen is certainly appealing to modern homeowners. From the seasoned culinary experts to beginner cooks or design lovers. The idea of vast counter space, professional appliances, extra features like a wine fridge or trash compactor, and sleek styling can make any homeowner's mouth water. The problem, though, is that expert kitchens are built to feed hundreds. Smaller homes can be strapped for space, making the ideal kitchen almost impossible.


Gorua, another one/two words from dictionary

Gorua is a genus of moths of the family Noctuidae according to wikipedia. Gorua is also a small nice beach in Morotai, North Maluku. Gorua is also a geo name from Papua New Guinea. If you like, you also can make it 2 words GoRua, and Rua it self have 1,050,000,000 page results in Google. A nice name that you can use for geo domain to promote tourism or properties. It is also a nice name for a software product. There are many software products that uses species or animal names for their brand, and the logo can be that species.  Go is a good common prefix in a domain because Google, GoDaddy, GoFundMe, etc. 

Send us message if you are interested to have this domain


Indonesian next Ojek Online

"Ojek" is a Javanese word. There is no official document on how to spell it. It can be ojek, ojeg, or ojeq. Ojek is a rideshare service using motorcycle or even bicycle. It's common in Java and it has been there long way before Uber, Lift. GoJek is a new company powered by Internet and mobile phone, and it is simply ojek service using mobile app. Since then we have seen new ojek services coming to play. We decided to purchased domain First it is only 4 letters, plain and simple. Second, it is a pronounceable word, and it is "Ojek". You can build Indonesian next Ojek Online under this name. Contact us if you are interested.




Brandable domain delizh dot com is with us

We just purchased domain Delizh sound like delish (delicious). Misspelled? Well yes, but you know that Publix supermatket company is also misspelled from public :) So, why not? If you want to create brand and want to submit a trademark, then having delizh brand is easier than making delish your trademark. Wixard will just put up here at, create simple blog and posting food blogging. If you are interested to purchase the name delizh, please send us message! Affordable brand! Take it before your delizh brand getting bigger without delizh dot com.

Wixard acquired and!

In previous post, we have mentioned that we acquired a single English word domain dot com. We did not want to post here before we do radio test. In domain industry, radio test is to test a domain is where we say the domain and if the listener can spell it correctly and of course the purpose is to make sure they can visit the website by typing it in their computer or cellphone.

What is the word? DONATORY


The domain is donatory dot com, and we also hand registered donatory dot org to redirect to dot com one. The reason we purchased dot org because donations may related to non-profit organization, so we secured this domain as well.

Yes, it is a word! Here some links from online dictionaries:

All the links have play button on how to pronounce it. There are many versions on how to pronounce it. But it is up to user on how to pronounce. The other important thing is if they can figure it out what the meaning of the word. Base on that, we will try to build ideas and launch to production.


Today we did radio test for domain We played the word, and ask if people can spell it correctly. It passed! They could spell it correctly, and they could guess the meaning of the word. They said that the word is related to donations, donors, place to put donations. Awesome!

We always look for funding to start the ideas. Please send us messages if you are interested to fund this domain/ideas. 


Wixard first single English word dot com domain

We acquired a single English word dot com today. We are lucky to have it in our collection. A word that is in English dictionary. It has a meaning, and the website ideas behind it is huge. Will reveal the word tomorrow after we do a radio testing. We will play the word, and let people try to spell it. Let's see how many times we play until they get it right. Then we will ask them what is in your mind about the word! Love it Wixard!